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Mountain Bike Unit

The Randolph Auxiliary Police Mountain Bike Patrol Unit was started in 1999 with the support of local businesses and several officers in the department. Through our business relationships the department was able to secure funds to purchase bikes and equipment for our officers. The Police Mountain Bike Patrol Unit is very instrumental in formulating better relationships with our residents and partnerships with our young people in town, promoting not only the maintenance of their bicycles, but also rules of the road and bicycle safety. This unit is part of the overall community oriented policing effort.

Utilizing the mountain bike as a means of transportation allows the officers to be more approachable by the public. Easier access in areas such as alleyways, parks and schoolyards enable these officers to go places that the officers in cruisers cannot. The Mountain Bike Patrol officers have the ability to use more of their senses, move quietly and interact better with the community.

The Mountain Bike Patrol does not normally respond to calls for service as the rest of the patrol force does, they generally, spend time soliciting input from the community and just general observation. The bicycles provide more "face to face" contact with the public and gives the officers the ability to assist in problem resolution in areas from crime prevention, juvenile problems and traffic complaints, to name a few.

All of the Randolph Auxiliary Police Mountain Bike Officers, as well as several other Police Departments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have based their standards on the C.O.B.W.E.B. Police Mountain Bike course of training.

C.O.B.W.E.B. is the original Massachusetts Police Mountain Bike Patrol Course. It is a course developed in 1990, networking with several organizations throughout the country and designed for police officers by police officers. Presently, it is the only Self-Certifying Police Mountain Bike Course in Massachusetts.