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Frequently Asked Questions

Are RAPD officers paid for their services?
No. Randolph Auxiliary Police Officers are 100% volunteers. Officers in our department are dedicated to community and public service. Some are also interested in a law enforcement career. The RAPD gives you the training, experience, and opportunity to do both. Some auxiliary officers may become Randolph special police officers who are eligible for paid details.

Do I have to live in Randolph to be a Randolph Auxiliary Police Officer?

Do RAPD Officers have police powers?
Yes, RAPD officers are sworn officers and have police powers upon completion of all training courses including the MPTC Reserve Intermittent Police Academy.

Do RAPD officers respond to calls?
No. RAPD officers are not authorized to respond to calls nor perform traffic stops unless directed to do so by the dispatcher, sergeant, or command officer. When on patrol RAPD officers serve as the eyes and ears of the full time Randolph Police Department.

Are RAPD officers armed?
Yes. Applicants must already possess a valid Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC) Firearms. All hired personnel must also pass firearms qualification twice a year with the Municipal Police Training Committee.

What other equipment do RAPD officers carry?
RAPD officers also carry O.C. and extendable batons. Officers must pass the respective certification courses before they are allowed to carry either one. These additional courses are separate from the Reserve Intermittent Police Academy.

What kind of training is required?
Training and certification is a top priority for RAPD recruits. The appointed officer will be required to attend and pass a Reserve Intermittent Police Academy. Officers are also required to pass O.C., Extendable Baton, CPR/First Responder certification courses as well as firearm qualifications. Recertification is then required annually. Training is also given during monthly meetings by department training officers.

Do I have to purchase my own uniform?
No. The RAPD will issue you a full uniform with the exception of footwear and hat.

What are the requirements to maintain a position with the RAPD?
Officers are required to do a minimum of 18 hours of duty per month (consisting of at least 2 traffic detail and 1 patrol detail) to be in good standing. Officers are required to work at all town parades. Attendance to monthly meetings are also mandatory.

Do I have to use my own car while performing RAPD duties?
Yes and no. All routine details are done using Randolph cruisers. There are details where a police cruiser is not available/necessary and the officer will need to use their personal vehicle.

How do I apply?
Please refer to our recruitment page.

How long is the application process?
The process depends on the status of the background check and the schedule of the recruiting staff. It can take from weeks to months. Every effort is made to ensure your application is processed in a timely manner.

Can RAPD officers join the full-time Randolph Police Department?
Randolph Police Officers are hired under the MA Civil Service system so applicants will need to take the civil service exam (when available) and enter the hiring process like any police officer candidate. The RAPD is a great department to serve and gain the experience law enforcement agencies look for. Many of our auxiliary officers have gone on to become full-time local, county, state and federal police officers.